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Welcome to the company of fresh healthy food

We are now growing Microgreens (or Micro-herbs) like purple radish, sunflower shoot, pea tendrils, rocket, mustard, coriander, fennel and amaranth for local  restaurants in Stafford. We supply trays of living microgreens to chefs directly. Including Bistro Le Coq, The Mill at Worston, Viceroy Indian Restaurant, Ayo Gorkhali Restaurant, Bank House Restaurant... just name a few. The chefs can serve the most fresh microgreens to you.

Microgreens are beautiful nutritious young plant shoots which are grown to about 2-4 inches height. They are then suitable for harvesting and adding to salads, sandwiches, soup, stir-fries or juices. They are super nutritious and full of distinctive flavour. We use 100% non-GMO seeds to grow hydroponically in-door under LED lights. No dirt, no chemical.

You can buy our freshest microgreens in Stafford farmers market, markers market, Penkridge market and Stone farmers market. You can also buy from our on-line shop.  Cook like a Michelin - starred chef, garnish with MICROGREENS!

Pea Shoots    £2 per 50g punnet

Sunflower Shoots £2 per 30g punnet

Micro-green mix   £2 per 30g punnet (Mixed with pea shoot, sunflower shoot and one from following)

Micro Radish   £2 per 20g punnet

Micro Mustard    £3 per 20g punnet

Micro Rocket   £3 per 20g punnet

Micro Coriander  £3 per 20g punnet

Micro Greek cress £3 per 20g punnet
Popcorn Shoot  £3 per 20g punnet

We are also selling home cooked flavoured healthy snack sunflower seeds.  We have many different flavours: Jerk (caribbean Seasoning, with chilli & tomato), Sriracha (Hot Habanero chilli & Garlic), Sweet Cinnamon & mixed spice, Honey & English Mustard, Soy Sauce, Black cherry & Chocolate, Triple chocolate & salted caramel and  Marmite Flavour . £2 to £2.50 per bag.


In a world with limited natural resources and a growing population, Eco Food Garden aims to produce fresh organic vegetable, fruit and pastured eggs for local community at their peak of flavor and nutritional value by sustainable method with renewable resources in small acreages.



-       We dedicated to recognizing our customers’ needs by producing healthy, superior-quality, all natural food for the local consumer in affordable price.

-       To grow profitably through innovating effective and efficient technic in supplying fresh produce.

Mini Ecosystem

My target is to regenerate land to a no-till, no pesticide, no herbicide, Zero Synthetics fertilizer, high diversity, livestock integrated natural food garden producing, absolutely no antibiotics and hormones, non-GMO vegetable, fruit and pastured free range happy animal for my family, friends and local community.

The framework of my design is to grow rows of different kinds and varieties of fruit trees, berries and other perennials in contours. Between the rows will be the rotation of sheep, pigs, chicken, vegetable and cover crop. I am full of passion and quit my office job to realize the dream. Hope you also like it. Please give my Facebook page a like to support and introduce to your friends.


Harvesting micro-radish China Rose for delivery to customers.

LED setting for growing microgreens.

We use solar energy for all the LED lighting.

seeds to grow microgreens.

microgreen can be added to any dish.

We supply grow your own kit for hydroponic microgreen. The kit include two trays, 6 growing felts and three packs of microgreen seeds. 

Continue to introduce healthy food to the local community. We are in Stone farmers market, Stafford farmers market, Stafford makers market, Penkridge markets and Tranquillity.   We invite people to taste our microgreens. They were impressed by the flavours. Mostly bought some micros or some seeds to grow their own.

Our team in Stafford Farmers Market free tasting promotion.

We supply different colour and different flavour microgreens.

Besides selling to restaurants, we also selling our produce to local communities in punnets.

popcorn shoots.  It has a sweet corn flavour with a slightly sour.

Purple micro-radish with spicy flovour

Pea shoot day 15

Sunflower shoot day 12

pea shoot day 9

Radish day 9

Microgreen - Radish (China Rose) day 5